Women's Travel

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    Women's Travel

    “Girls just wanna have fun” Cindy Lauper

    What Cindy knew then is what we know now – Women have great fun travelling together!

    Women’s travel groups have become the hottest trend in travel growing at amazing percentage year over year. Whether your single, divorced, widowed, or married, women have a unique bond with each other and travelling together is a great idea that inspires the soul, reveals extraordinary experiences, and creates lifelong friendships.

    Travelling Solo?

    No worries! Perhaps you want to travel with a friend but you'd prefer to have your own room without paying extra fees? We've got you covered!! We have several suppliers that specialize in Solo travel and we look after all the details of your trip from the beginning to end. If this your first time travelling Solo, you might want to join one of the trips I am personally escorting but, remember, you will be part of a group of fellow travelers and we have carefully selected only the top suppliers that specialize in safe, reliable, well organized, escorted vacations.  Travelling Solo doesn’t mean you’re on your own!

    Whether you want to do Yoga in Costa Rica, explore the wonderful sites of Italy and sip wine overlooking the Amalfi coast or cruise the Greek Islands, let’s do this together!! 

    Here is a list of my special travel experiences for 2021:   

    Want to know more about Solo Travel? Take a look at Just You


    Photo:  Woman enjoying the sunshine while leaning against a stone wall in Croatia.

    Don’t see what you want?? No problem, I will custom design a special travel experience based on your personal request, reach out to me today.